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The Christian camping ministry continues to be a valuable tool for churches and families to bring about spiritual life change in a unique natural and God-centered environment. Each year there are countless stories of those coming to Christ, committing their lives to service, decisions for life change, and spiritual renewal while here at Lakewood. When has there been a time when coming away from the busy pace of life to focus on the Lord in His creation been more needed?  


Donations have been a vital component of Lakewood's ministry from the original purchase of land to the time, materials, and costs associated with building and establishing the facility. As with many ministries, there are often more opportunities to serve and grow than there are funds to support those opportunities. And so, we trust God for His provision but let others know of our needs that they might enjoy the blessing of giving as God leads.  


There is always a list of needs and plans for which we are seeking funding or material donations. From new projects to provide needed improvements or major repair projects to supplies for scheduled volunteer teams, amenity items, and summer camp ministry needs, there is a wide variety of opportunities for anyone to get involved. 100% of donated money goes toward its designated purpose and is tax-deductible. Donated items of need are also greatly appreciated and an "in-kind" donation receipt is provided for your potential tax benefit.


Please prayerfully consider making a donation to Lakewood's vibrant ministry. Your gift helps sustain a special place set apart for ministry and life change. Thank you for your support.


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